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October 04 2015





There is absolutely NO REASON why you shouldn’t vote this year! If you don’t want to support any of the parties running here’s some info on how you can refuse to vote for said parties and STILL VOTE!!!!!

If you are NOT able to vote in this election, your voice STILL MATTERS. Please urge anyone you know who CAN vote, TO GO AND VOTE.

Vote on election day – Monday, October 19, 2015

Don’t know whether you’re registered/where to register? Here’s a handy link to Elections Canada’s online registration!

Online Voter Registration

Can’t make it on October 19th?

Vote on advance voting days – October 9, 10, 11 and 12
Vote at one of 400 Elections Canada offices
Vote by mail

Don’t know who to vote for? Here’s a link to Vote Compass: a non-partisan tool designed to help you find the candidate most aligned to your political values!

Vote Compass

Don’t know how to vote? Where to vote? When to vote???? Here’s a link to the Elections Canada website with all the voter information you could ever hope for!!!!!

Elections Canada

Need more info? I got more links!

Canadians living abroad
Canadian Forces voters (main website)
Voters in long-term care facilities and hospitals
Homeless voters
First-time voters and students

Links to the party websites if you need MORE information on platforms!!!

Liberal Party of Canada
Conservative Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada
New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP)


(to all non-canadians, please reblog this for your canadian followers!!!!!)





The following tags are in response to a dress I made recently, which was my first serious sewing project.

I know these were left as a compliment and I don’t mean to single anyone out, but I want to talk about this for a minute.

What you might be imagining when you see a post like this is that I woke up one day and decided to make this costume, and then I just made it perfectly on the first try, no problem. What you are not seeing is:

  • me having to look up youtube tutorials for every single thing. “How to make a ruffle” “how to sew a zipper” “what is bias tape” “why won’t this fusible interfacing work” “how to make a bustle” “how to lace a corset”
  • sewing a jacket into a mobius strip that can’t be turned inside-out
  • spending five hours troubleshooting a sewing machine to discover I inserted the bobbin the wrong way
  • having to go back to the fabric store a dozen times because I kept buying the wrong fabric/interfacing/tool/tape/lace
  • sewing machine eating my fabric again and I don’t know why
  • begging the fabric store ladies to help me interpret instructions on a pattern because I don’t know how to decode it
  • redoing the corset five times because I couldn’t get it right
  • a mountain of failed mockups and pattern pieces
  • renting a car to drive to a friend’s house for emergency sewing instruction
  • wasted material
  • about 100 hours of work over several months
  • crying while sewing at 4 am
  • angst

Chalking up a success to natural talent is a harmful idea and unfair for everyone. It dismisses the hard work that went into an achievement, and it makes you believe that you can’t accomplish that same thing unless you were magically born with some special skill. Guess what: nobody is born knowing how to sew or draw or sing or write give a speech or compose an opera. Natural talent does not exist. There is only hard work, practice, and learning. Slam dunk the concept of talent into a volcano, where it belongs. 

This is a great write up. I’ve been told “you are lucky to be so talented” so many times, like I was born sculpting. Luck has nothing to do with it. Only hard work and dedication to your craft.


September 27 2015






Game idea: You play as a humble peasant who must fight off waves of adventurers who feel entitled to just waltz into your house and loot whatever they please.


Humble Peasant kills adventurers that enter their home

Humble Peasant keeps their weapons, magic items, and hold

Humble Peasant realizes that stronger and stronger adventurers are coming to claim their growing pile of loot

Humble Peasant builds traps and fortifications to keep them out

Humble Peasant procures exotic pets to help defend their home

Humble Peasant continues to amass more and more loot and attract stronger and stronger adventurers

Humble Peasant has to keep building up and fortifying their home, traps, and pets to keep the adventurers out

Humble Peasant suddenly realizes that they have accidentally built a dungeon. It’s a fucking dungeon now. It’s fortified and full of traps, monsters, and treasure, and the Humble Peasant is the boss.

Humble Peasant realizes that adventurers will never leave them alone now.

Humble Peasant hates adventurers.

Humble Peasant accidentally becomes major villain.

I’d play it

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“Food! Glorious food!”

He kinda looks like a Skeksi from the dark crystal….

September 26 2015


August 31 2015


A letter from a Paramedic:

I can’t tell you what working on an ambulance is like. It’s far away from anyone’s version of a normal life. Spending a 3rd of your life with your partner (24 hours on, 48 hours off) is like having a second family away from home. It comes with a different set of expectations and feelings, and a different kind of trust that exceeds nearly anything else. The experiences you have at work in this field can only be shared by you and your partner.

I won’t tell you what the worst thing I’ve seen is. That is one of the cruelest questions you could ask one of us, to go back and relive a horror that no human being should have to experience. The percentage of emergency personnel who develop PTSD is second only to the military, and we accumulate the problems that go along with it at a staggering rate (drug/alcohol abuse, divorce, suicide).

I can tell you that we have an odd sense of humor. Many of us in the right situation have literally sung “staying alive” by the beegees, or “another one bites the dust” by queen while performing CPR. This is not meant to be sick, it is only meant to keep us in rythym.

I am sorry if while working on your family member, I appear to not be listening to you or addressing your concerns. Unfortunately I am often not permitted the opportunity to do that given the circumstances. Your loved one’s life/health can and must come before your questions.

The words “ambulance driver” are a source of great insult to us. If I were only a driver, I would not have gone to school, nor would I have more certifications in my back pocket than many floor nurses.

There is so much that should be said that the bounds of a given situation or pure professionalism prevent us from uttering. So I will say it here.

To the lady who lost her husband following a long battle with cancer-
I am sorry. I wish that there was anything that I could say to ease what you’re going through. I am sorry that the situation you were in made it impossible for me to hide your husbands asystolic ekg strip from you, and for the painful questions that I had to ask. I want you to know that you were the very epitome of grace and courage while we were there, and that you have inspired me to try to be the same in my own struggles with grief.

To the family of the critical patient that we transferred to an intensive care unit at another hospital, who died on the way:
I am sorry that we couldn’t give you more time to say goodbye. We weren’t trying to be insensitive or callous when we told you that we had to go, we were only doing our best to care for him and keep him alive.

To the parents of the two year old that died in the fire:
I have mixed emotions for you. I am terribly sorry for your loss. I am also terribly sorry that you left several children under the age of eight to play alone while you got high at the house next door. We found your baby curled in a ball underneath a pile of clothes, badly burned but not so bad that I couldn’t count every little finger and toe. I rage at your irresponsibility, but grieve for your loss.

To the man whose wife I did CPR on:
I wish that things had turned out differently. You were married for 70 years to a beautiful bride that I couldn’t bring back for you. There is nothing I can say in the face of that loss, but I hope you know I tried.

To the scared parents of the 3 year old with a fever:
I understand your fear. If I’m grumpy, it’s not directed at you. It’s because I’ve been at work 21 hours, haven’t slept and have missed 2 out of 3 meals, and right before I came to get your child I ran one of the calls above this one.

To the frequent flier:
Please take the time to educate yourself about the health problems that you have. Ultimately you are responsible for your own health, and if you don’t step up and follow your doctors recommendations, and manage your issues, they will kill you. And I will have gotten to know you to the point of having memorized your medical history, allergies, medications, name, date of birth, and half of your social security number, only to walk in and pronounce you dead.

To the grumpy ER nurse at the level 1 trauma center:
I am sorry that you are having a bad day. Please don’t take it out on me or belittle the work that I have done, in many cases in an attempt to make your job easier and faster. I only ask for 5 minutes of your time to give report and provide good continuity of care. I try my best to come in with a smile, please don’t try to eat me. Kindness costs you nothing.

To the general public:
Please, please pull to the right. If we are sitting down to eat a meal, don’t make snide remarks about how you are seeing “your taxes go to work” or how we are paid too much. There is no price tag on what we do, and 40-50% of us do it for free. And most importantly of all, don’t ask the question mentioned in the second paragraph. If you want to satisfy your morbid curiosity, come ride with us for a day, and see for yourself.

Many times we are referred to as callous, insensitive, uncaring, etc. We have developed these things as a facade. It is a coping mechanism. If we didn’t care, we would not be here. The everyday world is an ugly place, and death comes for all of us. I wish I could say it was always peaceful, but very rarely does anyone get to hear another “I love you” before someone takes their last breath.

There have been many times when I pull up in front of my house in the morning, wishing that things had gone differently. I feel like a sponge for others grief, pain, and sorrow. You soak it up in an attempt to make it better in some small, meaningful way. After that you go home and hold those who mean something to you a little closer.

The times when things do go right are like bright, shining stars in a moonless sky. Where we stabilized that guy from the car crash who had 18 broken bones and a crushed airway. Or when we brought back a 53 day old baby’s heart beat. There’s not a price tag on that feeling either.

I hope all of you stay safe and healthy. When you don’t, we will be there. Any time, any place, no matter what. We’ll be there.

At your service always,
A paramedic.

 By Andy Casteel, Emt-p, roane county, Tn (via ff8ems56)

I have nothing but the utmost respect for first responders. Thank you for doing what you do.

(via salixj)

the only time I was in an ambulance, I told the EMT I thought he was cute. Whoops.  Shock, it’s a weird thing.

(via styro)

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Philip Tan

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Full Length Velvet Evening Coat, 1949 

Charles James

Worn by Mary Jane Russell in Vogue

via The Met

August 16 2015

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Lake of Amazing Art

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Kingdom Hearts III Is Getting A Big Hero 6 World

Sora and crew will ride the robot Baymax and fight their way through a Big Hero 6 world inKingdom Hearts III, Square Enix announced today during the D23 expo in Anaheim, California.

Big Hero 6, an animated Disney film that stars a 14-year-old prodigy and his team of superheroes as they fight against a mysterious masked villain, was released in 2014 and won the Oscar for Best Animated Film.


August 12 2015

bbcamerica: Doctor Who returns​ with a new season on September 19!

Cat facts.


❀ Ailurophilia is the “love of cats.”

❀ Egyptians shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning when they lost a beloved cat.

❀ According to myth, a cat sleeping with all four paws tucked under means cold weather is coming.

❀ A cat that bites you after you have rubbed his stomach, is probably biting out of pleasure, not anger.

❀ 95% of all cat owners admit they talk to their cats.

❀ Cats are the sleepiest of all mammals.   They spend 16 hours of each day sleeping.  With that in mind, a seven year old cat has only been awake for two years of its life!

❀ Many experts report that cats will purr when feeling any intense emotion (pleasure or pain).

❀ Cats rub up against other cats, and people, in an attempt to “mark” them with their scent glands.  They most often use the scent glands between their eye and ear (near the temple area) or their scent glands near the base of their tail.

❀ Cats are partially color blind.   They have the equivalency of human red/green color blindness.  (Reds appear green and greens appear red;  or shades thereof.)

❀ “Sociable” cats will follow you from room to room to monitor your activities throughout the day.

❀ A cat will almost never “meow” at another cat.  This sound is reserved for humans.

❀ Cats knead with their paws when they’re happy.

❀ If your cat is near you, and her tail is quivering, this is the greatest expression of love your cat can give you. If her tail starts thrashing, her mood has changed —- Time to distance yourself from her.

❀ There are more than 500 million domestic cats in the world, with 33 different breeds.

❀ Killing a cat was punishable by death in ancient Egypt.

❀ If your cat snores or rolls over on his back to expose his belly, it means he trusts you

❀ When the front paws are curled up and tucked in, and the back legs are outstretched to the side, your cat is relaxed and secure.

❀ When your cat stares at you and then squints or closes his eyes. That is a huge sign of affection - in the cat world, that is the signal to other cats that this cat is not a threat.

❀ When a cat licks you, it can serve several purposes. Grooming, affection (which grooming is a part of), tasting, and leaving their scent on you.

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